Mercedes-Benz signs wind PPA in Poland

From 2019 a plant in Poland producing four-cylinder engines for Mercedes-Benz will run on wind power from a nearby park, under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) announced today.

Renewable energy projects developer VSB said it will be selling power from the 45.1-MW Taczalin wind farm to the German company’s manufacturing site in the town of Jawor. The park has 22 turbines and has been operational since late 2013.

“Our job as project developer far exceeds putting a wind turbine in a field. We develop business models that make energy from renewable sources attractive for high-volume consumers and customers from the industrial sector,” said Marko Lieske, VSB Managing Director. According to him, the contract with Mercedes-Benz is a key milestone. Thanks to it the facility in Jawor will run entirely on renewable electricity.

In Poland, the operators of renewable energy assets are allowed to offer their electricity on the market or sell it under PPAs.

VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska sp zoo (VSB EO PL) is part of the German VSB holding. Taczalin is its largest project.

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