Medinice received a patent for CoolCryo in India

Medinice has received patent protection from the Indian Patent Office for the invention "Cryoapplicator for minimally invasive cardiac ablation with active defrosting system" (CoolCryo), the company said. This invention has already been granted a patent in the USA and Europe.

“CoolCryo is a system for minimally invasive cardiac cryoablation. CoolCryo uses very low temperature to destroy tissue. The system has been designed specifically for cardiac ablation performed using the minimally invasive technique with the creation of mini-access to the heart using videotoracoscopic techniques (instead of the typical sternotomy, ie sternum cutting), which is its great competitive advantage "- reads the release.

Medinice is a Polish company with a global reach, being a platform for solutions used in cardiology. The company develops its own projects and projects obtained from scientists from Poland and abroad. The team consists of professionals in the field of medicine, clinical trials, law (in particular intellectual property) and finance. The company made its debut on the WSE main market in December 2020.

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