Medinice plans to acquire a company specializing in AI-based solutions

Medinice signed a letter of intent in which it declared its willingness to acquire shares in an innovative company specializing in solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), dedicated to electrophysiology and cardiology, the company announced. The planned investment in the new entity will allow the diversification of Medinice’s activities with technologies based on digital solutions and AI.

“We have a chance to enter the fascinating area of tomorrow’s medicine, which is artificial intelligence. Our partner’s project is based on AI algorithms. The product is dedicated to electrophysiology and cardiology, areas in which we are experts. The innovation of the purchased solution lies in the machine analysis and presentation of the type and place of occurrence of cardiac arrhythmia. This is important in the context of increasing the effectiveness of ablation procedures, reducing treatment costs and digital transformation in medical facilities. After finalizing all acquisition formalities, our goal will be to commercialize the above-mentioned solution as quickly as possible. I will add that the acquired project is at an advanced stage of development and we plan to commercialize it within two years,” said Sanjeev Choudhary, president of Medinice, quoted in the release.

The company wants to be a beneficiary of the rapidly growing AI market in medicine, and the investment in the area of advanced digital solutions opens new prospects for product development, it was emphasized.

“The market perfectly understands the potential of artificial intelligence. Our company is ready to use it thanks to a partnership with a company that develops AI technologies. We are planning a significant step forward for Medinice. Our goal is to constantly create and implement innovations in cardiology and cardiac surgery. I believe that the effects of our actions will soon be visible and will bring tangible benefits, both to patients and our shareholders,” concluded Grzegorz Wróblewski, CTO at Medinica.

Medinice is a Polish company with a global reach, which is a platform for solutions used in cardiology. The company develops its own projects and projects obtained from scientists from Poland and abroad. The company debuted on the WSE main market in 2020.


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