Medinice hopes to start clinical trials in the MiniMax project in late 2022

Medinice is currently focusing on the development of 5 projects from its portfolio. The company expects that in the first half of this year it will complete preclinical studies, and in the second half of the year it will be able to start a clinical trial in the MiniMax project, said president Sanjeev Choudhary. Medinice wants to start talks on commercialization at the end of 2022 or early next year.

According to the president, Medinice is currently focusing on 5 projects from the company’s portfolio. These are: MiniMax – a 2-in-1 electrode with diagnostic and therapeutic functions for current ablation procedures, EP Bioptom – electrophysiological diagnostic electrode for endomyocardial biopsy, PacePress – a compression dressing to reduce the risk of a hematoma, CoolCryo – a cryopalator for minimally invasive cardiac cryoablation and AtriClamp – an innovative technology of closing the appendix of the left atrium of the heart (LAAO).

“To start serious talks, we need to have at least documented preclinical studies, so I hope these talks may be late this year at the very beginning of next year. This is the time when talks with the contractor can be expected, ”said Choudhary during the investor presentation.

The MiniMax electrode is in the preclinical development phase. The company hopes that it will be able to complete the preclinical studies in this project this six months.


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