Medinice has a patent in Japan for minimally invasive vena cava cannulation

Medinice has received a patent from the Patent Office of Japan for a cannula for percutaneous minimally invasive vena cava cannulation, the company said.
The aim of the project is to enable the minimally invasive percutaneous method to be performed, as well as to optimize the patient's blood supply during extracorporeal circulation, said.

"Before entering diversified sales markets, we focus, among others, on on research and development activities and ensuring adequate patent protection of inventions. Currently, we have over a dozen projects in our portfolio, one of them is the vena cava cannula. Until now, the invention was protected, among others, by European Patent Office, and from now on also the Japanese Patent Office. The cannula is a modern design that is a minimally invasive and quite cheap method used to support procedures related to the improvement of circulation and optimization of blood supply, especially in the upper body of the patient. However, it is the high success of the effectiveness of this product that makes us place high hopes on it, ”said the president of Medinice Sanjeev Choudhary, quoted in the release.

Medinice is a Polish company with a global reach, being a platform for solutions used in cardiology. The company develops its own projects and projects obtained from scientists from Poland and abroad. The team consists of professionals in the field of medicine, clinical trials, law (in particular intellectual property) and finance. The company made its debut on the WSE main market in December 2020.

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