Medinice has a patent in China for a tamula for minimally invasive tricuspid valve plasty

Medinice has received a patent from the Chinese Patent Office for a cannula for minimally invasive tricuspid valve plasty, the company said. The final formal requirement for obtaining a patent is the payment of an administrative fee.

"The aim of the project 'Cannula for minimally invasive tricuspid valve plasty' is to develop a cannula that will be used in the form of a venous cannula for tricuspid valve plasty, which allows for a less invasive, more effective, cheaper, faster and, most importantly, much safer method of cannulation. patient than the method currently used, ”reads the release.

Medinice is a Polish company with a global reach, being a platform for solutions used in cardiology. The company develops its own projects and projects obtained from scientists from Poland and abroad. The team consists of professionals in the field of medicine, clinical trials, law (in particular intellectual property) and finance. The company made its debut on the WSE main market in December 2020.

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