Medicofarma Biotech aims at postcovid rehabilitation

Medicofarma Biotech is working on a postcovid rehabilitation project, the progress of which it would like to announce later this year, informed CEO Cezary Kliczewski. In turn, he hopes to get to know the first results of the oncological therapy project using the molecules developed by the company next year. Meanwhile, the company’s shares will return to continuous trading on NewConnect on October 1.

“Currently, our priority is two projects that we implement together with scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The first one concerns oncological therapy with the use of molecules developed by us, the first effects of which we hope to see next year. The second one focuses on postcovid rehabilitation, the progress of which we would like to announce later this year, ”said Kliczewski.

“The company has two R&D laboratories – in Lublin and Poznań, where a total of six short- and long-term projects are carried out in the field of developing innovative peri-oncological drugs, dietary supplements for use in the treatment of oral diseases and postcovid rehabilitation. Medicofarma Biotech’s business strategy assumes the simultaneous implementation of short-term and long-term projects.

Medicofarma Biotech will return to continuous trading on the NewConnect market on October 1. The company has successfully passed the verification of the WSE, showing the profits from the conducted activity, also stated in the material.


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