Medicofarma Biotech takes over NewConnect company, aims for main market listing

Medicofarma Biotech, a biotechnology company, has published an update of its strategy for 2021-2023. The company aims to successfully complete at least the second phase of clinical trials of two innovative cancer drugs.

The goal of Medicofarma Biotech is research and development activity focused on biotechnology projects with high therapeutic potential. The last months have been a period of hard work. After taking control over InBook S.A. we became a company listed on NewConnect, signed contracts to launch another laboratory and established cooperation with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań. And this is just the beginning. We have ambitious plans to become the industry leader not only on the domestic market – assures CEO Cezary Kilczewski.

As many as 6 different projects will be developed in the R&D Center in Lublin. The first is “Liver cancer”, a potential anti-cancer drug for the treatment of liver cancer with significantly reduced toxicity, reducing the burden on the body and potentially increasing life expectancy and survival. “Post-radio and chemotherapy recovery” aims to create and register a medicinal product with an adaptogenic effect, of plant origin, improving immunity and accelerating the regeneration and cleansing of the body, especially after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In turn, “Mouth diseases support and recovery” will be a dietary supplement to prevent and support oral diseases. Information on the remaining projects will be disclosed after receiving the appropriate patents and legal protection.

The R&D center in Poznań will conduct research on the use of mRNA in creating innovative therapeutic therapies for cancer patients. As part of the center, new research models will be created, such as: organoids, bio-printed chips for breast, ovarian and glioblastoma, and then new molecules will be tested on them, which can be registered as new therapies for cancer diseases in the future. Candidates for drugs will be tested on living tissues based on 3D bio-printing technology.

By 2023, at least two innovative cancer drugs are to follow a path leading to admission to the second phase of clinical trials. In the adopted strategy, the company also assumed, inter alia, switching to the WSE Main Market, introducing an incentive system for employees and establishing closer cooperation with foreign research partners – in particular from India, Southeast Asian countries, Italy and the USA.

Medicofarma Biotech S.A. is a research and development company in the biotechnology sector dealing with the development of innovative drugs, medical devices and biotechnological products. The company focuses on the design, development and marketing of drugs that are a breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases.

Medicofarma Biotech S.A. has a license to produce high-quality, rapid tests for the detection of various varieties of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is listed on the NewConnect Stock Exchange.


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