Medicofarma Biotech open new R&D center in Poznań

Projects in the field of cancer therapy and postcovid rehabilitation will be implemented.

So far, the company has decided to invest in the Cancer Print and Breast / Ovary RNA Therapy platforms, but there are plans to test further research models. In addition, the laboratory will conduct a molecular analysis of the epigenetic control machinery of COVID-19 disease. It is intended to provide a platform for further research and subsequent patenting of key molecules that could be used in the development of therapeutic strategies, it said.

The research team of the R&D Center will include, among others head of the Department of Molecular Neurooncology at the IPC PAS Katarzyna Rolle.

“The center will use modern technologies, such as organoids and 3D bio-printing of living tissues. Next, new molecules with therapeutic potential will be tested on them. Our goal is to identify and test those that will ultimately contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and health of patients, ”said Rolle.

In the R&D center, it is also possible to conduct analytical research, pre-formulation and a series of analyzes for external entities. Thus, the company extends the offer of commercial benefits for the pharmaceutical industry.


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