Medicalgorithmics and Telemedycyna Polska have started cooperation regarding arrhythmia diagnostics

Medicalgorithmics has signed a letter of intent with Telemedycyna Polska, the aim of which is to define the possibilities and principles of cooperation in the field of distribution partnership, the company announced. The cooperation is to include: the use of the company’s technology, the partner’s provision of descriptions of diagnostic tests and telemonitoring of cardiac arrhythmias based on the proprietary AI Medicalgorithmics technology. The parties’ intention is to conclude a target distribution agreement within 6 months.

The purpose of the agreement is to assess the market potential and develop conditions for potential strategic cooperation. Medicalgorithmics will conduct integration and quality testing for AI diagnostics of cardiac arrhythmias using ECG data from the partner. Meanwhile, Telemedycyna Polska will test the comprehensive PocketECG diagnostic ecosystem and the Medicalgorithmics AI system in terms of their commercialization among its clients on the Polish market, it was reported.

“Our cardiac arrhythmia diagnostic technology supports the work of ECG technicians by accelerating and automating the process of creating an ECG report. Thanks to this, we can significantly increase the efficiency of diagnostic companies. Additionally, the AI system developed by Medicalgorithmics detects 26 types of heart disorders, which is one of the best results on the global market. The PocketECG solution together with our proprietary AI software is recognized around the world, providing healthcare workers with the highest clinical value in diagnostic reports,” said Jarosław Jerzakowski, member of the management board for operations at Medicalgorithmics, quoted in the release.

Medicalgorithmics and Telemedycyna Polska will conduct further negotiations to determine cooperation models and commercial terms. Depending on the results of these talks and the assessment of the market and forecast of potential sales, the parties will decide to conclude a distribution cooperation agreement and its conditions, it was emphasized.

“In line with Medicalgorithmics’ announcements and development strategy, we are expanding sales globally. In recent weeks, we have informed about new cooperation with foreign partners, and now we have concluded a letter of intent with a recognized Polish company. In the new business model, our sales potential is higher due to a wider range of potential partners. We operate on the medical market, so each sales process requires adequate time for negotiations, tests and implementations,” Jerzakowski concluded.

Medicalgorithmics is a high-technology company operating in the field of non-invasive medical devices, present on the market since 2005. The company operates, among others, in the USA and Asia. In 2014, the company moved to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange from NewConnect, where it had been listed since 2011. It is included in the sWIG80 index.


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