MedApp hopes to offer AI services in international markets

MedApp is conducting the first talks on the provision of R&D services related to the use of artificial intelligence by its subsidiary MedApp AI to third parties, informed ISBnews, President of MedApp Krzysztof Mędrala. The company wants to offer AI services on international markets if it manages to raise funds to develop MedApp AI, he added.

“We want MedApp AI to also provide R&D services related to the use of artificial intelligence to external entities. We are already conducting the first talks in this regard, and although these are the beginnings, if we manage to obtain funds to develop MedApp AI, we will want to offer our AI services on international markets,” Mędrala said in an interview with ISBnews.

“In the first stage of MedApp AI development, we will focus on further developing algorithmic solutions for the automation of detection, segmentation and fusion processes necessary for the development of our current products (CarnaLife Holo, CarnaLife System), but also new, additional products we are working on: CarnaLife Holo Radiotherapy and CarnaLife Holo MedNav” – indicated the president.

In his opinion, the MedApp Group has the appropriate competences and experience to realistically think about expansion in this promising area. The company should be helped by the environment of the medical sector and the challenges that everyone is struggling with, such as a rapidly aging society, shortages of medical staff or an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases.

“The scope of application of artificial intelligence along with access to medical data will increase very quickly. However, we must remember that artificial intelligence does not decide on its own about the patient’s health, it will not replace the doctor or make decisions for him. Artificial intelligence is designed to support diagnostic, therapeutic, organizational and management processes. This is where we see our chances,” explained Mędrala.

In recent days, MedApp has announced an increase in the share capital of several subsidiaries: MedApp AI (to over PLN 79.8 million), Medapp Radiotherapy (to PLN 53.6 million) and MedApp Clinics (to over PLN 69.2 million).

“All new shares were taken up by MedApp SA as the sole shareholder and fully covered by a contribution in kind in the form of an organized part of the enterprise. In the opinion of the issuer’s management board, the event regarding the registration of a change in the share capital of the subsidiary MedApp Clinics Sp. z o. o. should be considered significant.”

MedApp is a technology company listed on NewConnect that offers innovative, unique software solutions in the field of imaging diagnostics and new generation digital medicine services (medtech). They are based on artificial intelligence, mixed reality and 3D imaging solutions. MedApp solutions are used in such fields as: cardiology, diabetology, dietetics, lifestyle diseases (CarnaLife System) and 3D/4D holographic imaging (CarnaLife Holo).


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