MedApp has a Group with Promedica Praha Group distributed in 4 countries

The exclusive distributor of MedApp CarnaLife Holo - a 3D visualization system for medical data - in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Finland is Promedica Praha Group - one of the leading distributors of medical solutions, the company said.

“We are convinced that together we will achieve ambitious sales goals, providing patients in other countries with a higher level of medical care, and tangible benefits for local doctors and hospitals - including economic benefits. Our technological solutions have global potential and we are consistently trying to take advantage of it, ”said the president of MedApp, Krzysztof Mędrala, quoted in the release.

After acquiring a distributor in Brazil and hiring a sales representative there, MedApp recently applied to Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Brazilian health agency) to obtain a certificate of compliance for the CarnaLife Holo solution, which will enable the transition to the next stage of activity on the Brazilian market.

"North and South America are very important markets for us, especially the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico" - pointed out Mędrala.

In addition, MedApp, in cooperation with Parexel, is also preparing to submit an application for certification of the CarnaLife Holo solution at the American FDA, which is a necessary condition for entering the largest medical market in the world, which is the United States, is also mentioned in the material.

MedApp is a company listed on NewConnect operating in the telemedicine industry. The product created and developed by the company is the analytical telemedicine system Carna Life, addressed to patients, doctors and medical facilities. The system is used in such areas as: cardiology, diabetology, dietetics, civilization diseases and 3D / 4D imaging.

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