MCI wants to invest approx. EUR 100 million in ClimaTech, first acquisitions in 2024

MCI Capital assumes that it will carry out the first acquisitions of companies from the ClimaTech sector next year, Tomasz Mrozowski, an investment partner at MCI Capital, informed ISBtech. In total, the fund intends to invest approx. EUR 100 million in ClimaTech.

“We intend to invest a total of approx. EUR 100 million in ClimaTech companies. The average level of investment in MCI starts from EUR 20 million. In the first period, investments are planned in 2 to 4 companies, with the first acquisitions to take place by 2024,” said ISBtech Mrozowski.

He noted that the climate transformation is becoming an important trend, in which more than USD 1.1 trillion of private capital has been invested globally in 2022 alone.

“It is currently the area where infrastructure, breakthrough technologies, as well as asset management and value chain optimization companies are developing the fastest. We see great potential in the development of companies in this sector. We are able to allocate approx. 20% of the funds available in the fund for investments in ClimaTech,” added the investment partner.

Currently, the company As Good As New is dynamically included in MCI’s portfolio. It specializes in the repair and refurbishment of used electronics and the resale of equipment in e-commerce channels. The company is growing at a rate of 30%. annually, which confirms the trend of investing in ClimaTech, indicated the representative of MCI.

MCI Capital is one of the largest technological investment funds in Central Europe. The fund invests EUR 25-100 million in digital champions: technology companies, companies undergoing digital transformation and IT infrastructure. The fund was involved in at (e-commerce, Czech Republic), (digital media, Poland), Invia (e-travel, CEE), Dotpay/eCard (fintech, Poland), iZettle (fintech, global) and ATM SA ( data centers, Europe).


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