MCI to acquire another 25 percent stake in ATM

Companies controlled by the investment fund MCI announced their plan to acquire, in two transactions, more than 9.1 million shares of the Polish collocation and data centre provider ATM, reported They will buy the shares from the fund ATP FIZ, associated with the family of Tadeusz Czichon, a co-founder of ATM who died earlier this year.

The announced transaction will take effect by 27 September at a share price of PLN 11.18. That means that MCI would pay PLN 105 million for a 25 percent stake in ATM. To compare, the closing price of ATM shares was PLN 6.22 on 17 September. MCI would thus pay nearly twice that amount.

After the transaction, MCI will control 96 percent of ATM shares. Previously, the fund ATP was the only large shareholder besides MCI, although for several years, both companies have been bound by a cooperation agreement on joint voting at the shareholders’ meeting.



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