MCI Capital: We are ready for new large investments

MCI Capital estimates that the time to invest is very good and it is ready for new large investments, said President Tomasz Czechowicz.

“We believe the current crisis will be the basis for market value verification and we expect valuation adjustments. It seems like a very good time to invest. 
Considering that we have significant own liquidity from exits made in recent years (approximately PLN 810 million at the end of the year), we are ready for new large investments, a good example of which is the recently purchased eSky. These investments should enable MCI to generate attractive rates of return also in the future, ”Czechowicz wrote in the letter attached to the annual report.

In the context of Russia's armed attack on Ukraine, MCI expects, inter alia, over 5% of interest rates in the next two years and, in the next five years, permanently higher interest rates than in the last 10 years.

“At this stage, it is very difficult to predict both its [wars] final resolution and its long-term impact on the global economy and the countries of our region. Below is a summary of our expectations with regard to the macroeconomic situation in the region.

MCI Capital is one of the largest technology investment funds in Central Europe.

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