Mazovia province will provide 360 million PLN for the development of companies and RES

The Masovian Voivodeship will provide PLN 360 million (including PLN 271 million of EU funds) for the development of Masovian enterprises and renewable energy sources, the funds will be managed by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), the bank announced.

“The management of the Masovian Voivodeship signed an agreement with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego under the regional program European Funds for Mazovia 2021-2027 (FEM 2021-2027) for the amount of over PLN 360 million. Based on this agreement, preferential loans will be granted from funds from the European Union budget. The pool of funds, including national co-financing, amounts to approximately PLN 245 million (including over PLN 186 million from EU funds) for loans in the field of enterprise development and approximately PLN 115 million (including PLN 85 million from EU funds) for renewable energy sources. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, BGK will select financial partners who will grant loans directly to interested entities,” we read in the statement.

As Paweł Chorąży, managing director of the European Funds Division of BGK, pointed out, “low-interest loans are an opportunity for companies to develop and increase competitiveness.”

“It is worth adding that in the new perspective, money from the European Funds for Mazovia program will also go to investments in renewable energy sources, which in turn means sustainable development and savings for the future,” said Chorąży, quoted in the release.

EU funds will finance the construction and expansion of installations of renewable sources of electricity and heat together with related infrastructure, i.e. energy and heat storage facilities and connection to the grid, it was also announced.

BGK is a Polish development bank that initiates and implements programs for Poland’s economic growth, cooperating with all development institutions, such as PFR, KUKE, PAIH, PARP and ARP. The bank cooperates with business, the public sector and financial institutions, responds to economic needs and undertakes a number of initiatives promoting sustainable development. BGK has branches in Brussels, London, Frankfurt am Main and Amsterdam. BGK supports the export and foreign expansion of Polish companies. He is the originator, co-founder and main shareholder of the Three Seas Fund, which invests in transport, energy and digital infrastructure in the countries of the Three Seas region.


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