Maxom had a net profit of PLN 3.2 million and and EBIT profit of PLN 7.08 million in 2021

Maxcom recorded PLN 3.2 million of consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in 2021 compared to PLN 2.96 million of profit a year earlier, the company said in the report.

The operating profit amounted to PLN 7.08 million versus PLN 4.9 million profit a year earlier.

Consolidated sales revenues amounted to PLN 150.72 million in 20212 compared to PLN 129.94 million a year earlier.

On a standalone basis, the net profit in 2021 amounted to PLN 5.28 million, compared to PLN 4.07 million profit a year earlier.

"In 2021, the Maxcom company recorded an increase in sales revenues by 18%, achieving record revenues at the level of 121 493 thousand. PLN and an increase in profit by 29.75%, achieving a net profit of PLN 5 281 thousand. zloty.

Maxcom is a provider of telecommunications solutions - traditional telephones dedicated to specific groups of recipients - especially seniors. The company is developing other business lines in line with the trends of a healthy lifestyle and electromobility, and is also the sole distributor of the Meizu smartphone brand. Maxcom made its debut on the WSE in 2017.

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