Master Pharm sells shares

The Management Board of Master Pharm has announced an invitation to submit offers for sale of up to 1 million of the company’s own shares, representing a total of no more than 4.65% of the capital and votes at the general meeting at a price of PLN 4.5 per share, the company announced.
Sale offers will be accepted from 6 to 13 October, and the expected date of concluding and settlement of the share purchase transaction is October 18.

As at the date of publication of the announcement, the company holds 1,574,774 own shares, accounting for 7.32% of the share capital, of which the company cannot exercise voting rights at the General Meeting of Shareholders, it was also stated.

The entity intermediating in carrying out and settling the advertisement is mBank.

“The first share buyback carried out in August aroused great interest from investors. We continue in this direction, again proposing a high premium to the market valuation. We want to enable shareholders to complete the investment on attractive terms and at the same time partially compensate for the latest negative sentiment towards the company, ”said the president of Master Pharm, Jacek Franasik, quoted in the press release.


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