Master Pharm had PLN 4.35 million of net profit, PLN 19.04 million EBITDA in 2021

Master Pharm recorded PLN 4.35 million of consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in 2021 compared to PLN 0.34 million of profit a year earlier, the company said in the report.

The operating profit amounted to PLN 14.74 million versus PLN 6.46 million profit a year earlier. The EBITDA result was respectively: PLN 19.04 million compared to PLN 10.6 million a year earlier.

Consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 76.67 million in 2021 compared to PLN 61.45 million a year earlier.

The increase in revenues is primarily the result of the accumulation of orders carried out in the first half of 2021, after the first year of the pandemic, in which customers refrained from ordering, and then began to intensively replenish the product range. The second half of 2021 was characterized by a lower dynamics of the increase in orders, the company said. She added that these were the highest levels of the group's consolidated revenues in history, exceeding the level of revenues obtained in the last year before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic (2018).

“In addition to record results, in 2021 we also recorded a significant improvement in profitability. The EBITDA margin was 25%, the operating margin was 19% and the net margin was close to 6%, compared to 17%, 10% and 1%, respectively, a year earlier, ”wrote CEO Jacek Franasik in a letter attached to the report.

“In 2022, we want to maintain the level of revenues at least at the level of 2021, increased by the average inflation rate, which, however, will depend on the degree of utilization of new production capacities and the demand for our services. It should be added that last year we completed all the investments planned for this period in the equipment of our plants, therefore, in terms of production, we are well prepared for the further development of the group ”- announced the president.

On a standalone basis, the net profit in 2021 amounted to PLN 0.17 million compared to PLN 1.34 million profit a year earlier.

The Master Pharm capital group is active in the production and marketing of dietary supplements and other foodstuffs with health-supporting properties, foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses, cosmetics, medical devices and food preparations. The company made its debut on the WSE in 2016.

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