Market One Capital announces a new fund with a capitalization of EUR 80 million

Market One Capital (MOC) is launching a new, much larger venture capital fund, MOC II, with a total capitalization of EUR 80 million, which will invest at the seed and pre-seed stage in another 30 technology companies, the fund said.

“Our ambition was to create the first fund of Polish origin, which can successfully invest not only in the country and the region, but also in the very competitive markets of Western Europe. Thanks to specialization, building know-how and relationships with the best VCs in the world, our strategy has proved successful. The largest investment stars in MOC's portfolio are located, among others, in Poland, Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Thanks to this, we are building a bridge between the markets of Western Europe and CEE, driving the exchange of knowledge, experience, capital and talents, ”said Marcin Kurek, partner at Market One Capital, quoted in the release.

The first Market One Capital fund built a portfolio of 28 companies from all over Europe. Two of them have already become unicorns (Tier Mobility and Jokr), i.e. each of them has exceeded the value of USD 1 billion. Thus, MOC is the first fund from Poland to invest at the seed stage in a company that is currently a unicorn, underlined.

The portfolio also includes such companies as Packhelp, Symmetrical or Mindgram from Poland and Genially from Spain, Silverbird from Great Britain and Vosbor from the Netherlands. The founders of MOC previously invested, among others, in at Docplanner, i.e. the first Polish unicorn, as well as Brainly and Preply, the value of which is estimated in hundreds of millions of dollars.

“At MOC II, we will continue our investment strategy, which has proved successful so far. We plan to support six to eight companies a year, invariably mainly in the area of ​​B2B / B2C marketplace and network effects, which are one of the foundations of the technology sector. We invest at the earliest possible stage, pre-seed and seed from 200 thousand. up to EUR 2 million. We plan to make follow-on investments to round B and we can allocate a maximum of EUR 8 million to one company. MOC II is starting immediately with three new investments that we have been working on over the last few months, ”added partner Marcin Zabielski.

Market One Capital is managed by Marcin Kurek, Marcin Zabielski and Jakub Ślusarczyk. With the start of MOC II, Jacek Łubiński joined the group of Partners, and Michał Mroczkowski was promoted to the position of Principal and joined the investment committee.

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