Polish Development Fund scales back “Shield” support for companies

75 percent of the companies that received support from the PFR 1.0 Shield have already received a decision to discontinue it, said vice-president of the Polish Development Fund Bartosz Marczuk. It is a total of PLN 30 billion.

The vice president of PFR indicated that out of 348,000 companies that received support from the PFR 1.0 Shield, the decision to cancel was sent to 260,000, or 75 percent, of enterprises. He noted that 82 percent of them approved the redemption value calculated and presented by PFR; 10 percent of decisions required changes (e.g. as a result of declarations of losses), and for 7-8 percent the decision is in abeyance. “PFR is still verifying the data so as not to issue negative verdicts for entrepreneurs” – he explained.

“So far, we have written off approximately PLN 30 billion, and on average it is 63 percent of the amount that the entrepreneur has received” – he said. He added that almost 40,000 companies are entitled to retain 100 percent. support and these are mainly enterprises most affected by the restrictions introduced as a result of the pandemic, operating under 54 PKD codes.

Marczuk emphasized that companies are very meticulous in calculating, as evidenced by the relatively small amount that PFR redeemed as a result of entrepreneurs’ declarations.


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