Mangata Holding wants to present a 5-year, extensive strategy after the holidays

Mangata Holding is working on expanding its strategy and plans to present plans for the group’s development in the horizon of five years after the holidays, informed President and CEO Leszek Jurasz.

“This year we plan to further develop the strategy over the next five years in the operational and investment areas. In the first quarter of this year In 2018, many interesting initiatives were extended, giving opportunities for further operational growth. After the holidays, we will be ready with the material of new strategic solutions and we will tell you how we want to develop the group in the next five years. We attach great importance to the optimization of production and investment processes, which is to translate into growth in our operating area, and we are also looking at new companies that could join our holding company,” said Jurasz during a press conference and announced that the group did not rule out acquisitions in 2023 and is currently working on three projects.

Kazimierz Przełomski, Vice-President and CFO of the company, added that Mangata is planning approx. PLN 1.1 billion in sales revenues and PLN 80-90 million in investments in 2023 (compared to PLN 77 million in 2022), and also counts on a net margin on at the level of 7-8% and operating profitability at the level of 14-15%.

On Tuesday before the session, Mangata announced that in 2022 it recorded PLN 93.43 million of consolidated net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company compared to PLN 70.23 million profit a year earlier, operating profit amounted to PLN 128.31 million compared to PLN 91.9 million, and the EBITDA profit was PLN 167.83 million compared to PLN 129.88 million. Consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 1,050.6 million in 2022, compared to PLN 791.02 million a year earlier. Profitability measured by EBITDA for 2022 was 16% compared to 16.4% in 2021.

Leszek Targosz, member of the board, director of market strategy, said that 2023 may be more difficult when it comes to operating on eastern markets, e.g. in the segment of industrial fittings and automation, which is why the group is developing the domestic market in this area, but the eastern markets: Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, accounted for only 3.5% of the group’s revenues.

“Regarding the group’s overall geographic sales, there have been no major changes in 2022 and the EU accounts for 49%, with Germany as the largest market (23%). We are also trying to develop on the US and South American markets. and we believe that in the period of small deglobalization since the outbreak of war, production capacity is being moved from Asia to Europe, but the American market is also developing strongly and becoming very attractive for potential investors from Europe, and many companies are moving their factories there, e.g. to Mexico which is also becoming a production hub for the USA,” pointed out the director of market strategy.


Mangata Holding is an entity listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Creates a capital holding grouping entities from the metal industry operating in the following operating segments: automotive – subassemblies for the automotive industry and components (companies: Kuźnia, MCS and Masterform), industrial fittings and automation (Zetkama, Zetkama R&D), fasteners (Śrubena) and non-production activities (Zetkama real estate). Consolidated sales revenues of the company reached PLN 1.05 billion in 2022.


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