Malta, Poland in cancer research partnership

A memorandum of understanding between the University of Malta and the Polish International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) will provide a framework for Maltese and Polish scientists and researchers to benefit from opportunities to collaborate and share research in the medical sphere, especially in the field of cancer immunology and cancer vaccine treatment while opening new doors for research grants.

Minister for Research, Innovation and the Coordination of Post Covid-19 Strategy Owen Bonnici and Minister for Education Justyne Caruana gave details about this new discovery, science-oriented collaboration. This partnership has the aim of sharing new knowledge that results in innovative ways to treat cancer for immunotherapy to become more precise, personalised, and effective.

Minister Bonnici said: “This partnership between the University of Malta and the International Centre for Vaccine Science in Poland will facilitate more research and academic exchanges between the two institutions. This is a collaboration that will help local scientists and open new opportunities to securing competitive research grants from Horizon Europe and the European Research Council.”

Minister for Education Justyne Caruana spoke about the importance of research in every field, and praised the initiative. She said, “Research and information are very important in all sectors, but especially when it comes to cancer, which has a high incidence, so that we look ahead to overcome the challenges that this presents.”

Prof. Alfred J. Vella described this “an important step in fostering research collaboration in the fields of cancer immunology and cancer vaccine science, which can ultimately revolutionise cancer treatment.”

This scientific partnership was established thanks to the long-standing collaboration between Dr David Saliba from the University of Malta and Prof Ted Hupp, the director of the ICCVS.


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