Shell station cafes signal retail shift in Poland

Fuel stations are not only a car refueling point, but also a place where customers want to do small shopping, eat, pick up a package, use a car wash or run basic errands. For example, as much as 41 percent of Poles drink coffee at a petrol station at least once a week, according to a study conducted by SW Research for Shell Polska. The response of the fuel giant to this trend is the new Shell Café café and gastronomic concept, offering premium coffee and barista service. In this way, the concern wants to attract even non-motorized customers. The introduction of a new concept is also accompanied by changes in branding. You can already see them at over 230 Shell stations in Poland.

“The station will be a place where it will be possible not only to refuel various types of fuel, but also, among others, do the shopping and take advantage of the necessary services” – says Oleksandr Koliakin, general director for the retail market for Central and Eastern Europe at the Shell Group.

The fuel giant is slowly transforming its stations into multi-functional points that allow customers to do many things in one place. According to Shell Retail’s strategy, by 2025, 50 percent of its margin is already to come from non-fuel products and services. To achieve this, Shell intends to develop cooperation with key partners, invest in its stations and develop its own brands, such as the newly introduced Shell Café on the Polish market.


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