Maersk expands specialized Pharma distribution centres

Maersk has been providing global pharmaceutical players in Central Europe professional warehousing and distribution services since 2001, specifically tailored to meet the needs of this demanding customer segment.

Building further on its experience and to address growing customer needs, Maersk launched a project in late 2020 to create a second pharmaceutical warehouse as part of its existing warehousing and distribution centre in Mszczonów near Warsaw (Poland), which has now been officially inaugurated and is made available to customers.

Maersk’s pharma customers already using its existing warehouse are eyeing the new facility, which addresses their needs for high quality and environmental standards.

“We are really impressed with Maersk’s new dedicated pharmaceutical warehouse, constructed according to latest technological trends. It’s one of the few to have photovoltaic panels. Such new technologies are in line with Boehringer Ingelheim’s strategy: Sustainable Development – For Generations – and might be a valuable attribute for such specialized facilities in the near future.” Grażyna Sass, Head of Supply Chain at Boehringer Ingelheim Poland.

Another global pharma customer, Bayer, has already extended its collaboration with Maersk and will be transferring its business to the new warehouse as its first tenant.


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