Mabion will intensify its work on the commercialization of MabionCD20 this year

Mabion will not independently introduce the MabionCD20 drug to the market and will not incur further significant expenditure on this project on its own. This year, however, it will intensify talks with potential licensees, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, CEO, informed.

“We will not incur significant expenditure on MabionCD20 on our own. The necessary outlays are only for the purpose of maintaining the product until possible commercialization. […] Today, we define it very clearly – we want to find a partner who will sign a license agreement with us, under which we remain the owner – probably – of the product itself, while all rights to use are transferred to the licensee and, at the same time, the obligations related to its registration and obligations resulting from from sales and distribution,” said Kaczmarczyk during a press conference.


The company announced that in Q4 2022 PLN 2.5 million of R&D costs were incurred related to the implemented projects, mainly MabionCD20. Throughout 2022, R&D costs amounted to PLN 15.1 million.

MabionCD20 is “the most advanced drug from the portfolio of its own products, ready to enter the last, registration phase of clinical trials” – we read in the presentation.

MabionCD20 is a proposed biosimilar drug to Rituxan/MabThera (Roche) with a confirmed potential of using rituximab in oncological, neurological and immunological diseases.

Today, Mabion published a strategy for 2023-2027, which assumes a change of profile from product (own products) to service (contract services) – Mabion is to become a fully integrated CDMO company with a biological profile, providing a full spectrum of services for small and medium-sized projects , from early discovery to commercial production, for customers at various stages of development.

Mabion is an integrated Polish biopharmaceutical company whose main area of activity is the development of the latest generation of drugs based on recombinant protein technology (e.g. monoclonal antibodies). In 2010, Mabion entered the NewConnect market, and in 2013 the company moved to the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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