LW Bogdanka coal production soars

Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka plans to produce 9.6 million tons of coal in 2021, and for the next year it assumes production at the level specified in the strategy, said President Artur Wasil.

“The production plan of 9.6 million tons this year looks unchallenged. We are planning production for next year at the level specified in the strategy, ”Wasil said.

In October, LW Bogdanka raised the target of commercial coal production for 2021 to 9.6 million tonnes from the previous 9 million tonnes. In the strategy for 2021-2025, the company assumed an average production of approx. 9.7 million tons per year.

During the three quarters of 2021, commercial coal production amounted to 7,503,000 tonnes i.e. by 1 965 000 tons more than in the corresponding period of 2020.


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