LPP Logistics develops its proprietary Control Tower platform for managing the global supply chain

LPP Logistics, in response to the challenges related to managing the international supply and distribution network, implemented the proprietary Control Tower platform project. The system developed by experts from LPP Logistics, a company belonging to the LPP Group, allows you to control the flow of goods at various stages of the import supply chain, streamlines the electronic circulation of documents and provides real-time information to all its participants – from buyers through suppliers, distribution centers and forwarding agents. It also enables the optimization of logistics processes in terms of costs and operations, as well as a quick response to changing market conditions. The platform received a distinction for the best project in the 15th edition of the Polish Logistics Association Awards competition.

The global supply and distribution chain of the Polish clothing company, managed by LPP Logistics, covers nearly 40 sales markets and 18 production countries in Europe and Asia. The large dispersion of the supply chain and time differences separating its individual links were a challenge for the company in the context of efficient communication. Bearing in mind the need to synchronize logistics operations on such a large scale and the need to monitor them on an ongoing basis, the company decided to implement its own tool for central management of electronic information flow in real time. The Control Tower system implemented by the company allows for the continuous implementation of comprehensive operations, control of the flow of goods and communication with all participants in the supply chain. Among them are e.g. buyers, over 1,200 international suppliers, two distribution centers, a team responsible for managing the logistics area in Poland and Asia, as well as forwarding agents operating on Asian markets.

  • Recent years have been dominated by turmoil in supply chains. This forced the business to quickly and efficiently adapt to external market conditions. Our response to the dynamically changing environment was the implementation of the Control Tower platform, tailored to the needs of LPP Logistics. Thanks to this, we are able to detect deviations in the very process of flow of goods between individual links in the chain in real time. We can also correct emerging irregularities, starting from production-related processes carried out by the factory, through booking transport for ready shipments, documentation, and ending with the process of delivering the final product to our distribution centers – comments Małgorzata Bogdziewicz, Supply Chain Management Director, LPP Logistics.


The implementation of Control Tower, in addition to creating new operational opportunities in handling the supply process, is associated with measurable environmental benefits. The mere use of the Supplier Portal module and the implementation of the collective packaging standardization process for the shipment of orders from factories, apart from certain savings in storage space, also generated additional benefits. More effective management of sea containers or a reduction in the number of courier shipments translates into a real reduction in CO2 emissions. Another great advantage of the platform is the digitization of information flow and partial resignation from printed documents.


The original project of the LPP Group was appreciated by the jury of the 15th edition of the Polish Logistics Association Awards competition, in which the implementation of innovative technologies or modern organizational solutions that improve logistics processes are awarded.


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