Lotos Petrobaltic launches offshore gas export scheme

Lotos Petrobaltic – a subsidiary of Grupa Lotos – has launched a system for drying, compressing and exporting gas at the Petrobaltic offshore oil mine operating in the B8 field in the Baltic Sea, Grupa Lotos reported. The gas accompanying the oil extracted from the deposit will flow through a 75 km long underwater pipeline to Władysławowo, to the Energobaltic company. Its CHP plant produces heat energy that is transferred to the municipal heating network.

“All works related to the construction of the underwater pipeline were carried out by the crews of Lotos Petrobaltic naval units, competently supervised by engineers from the company’s technical department and supported by platform crews. This shows that in the offshore area we have the appropriate equipment, high competences and skills. It must be remembered that the offshore industry in the Baltic Sea area has very interesting development prospects in the area of SHP, where our experience in the construction of underwater infrastructure can be used,” said the president of Lotos Petrobaltic, Grzegorz Strzelczyk.

The construction and commissioning of the gas pipeline from the platform to the land to Energobaltice in Władysławowo was the last stage in the development of the B8 field, it was also indicated.


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