Łódź named CEE’s most business-friendly city

Łódź tops the Emerging Europe Business Perception Index for 2021, with Cluj-Napoca, Kyiv, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague and Belgrade also taking honours across a number of individual categories.

Łódź in central Poland has been named as the most business-friendly city in emerging Europe as part of the Future of Emerging Europe awards programme for 2021.

The city topped the Business-Friendly Perception Index having been chosen by a jury of more than 100 global FDI experts, site selection advisers and location analysts who were independently asked for their views on the 100 cities in emerging Europe with populations above 200,000 inhabitants, as well as the capitals of Montenegro (Podgorica) and Kosovo (Prishtina), where the population is below 200,000.

The 100 experts were asked to pick five cities in each of eight different categories: brand; economic potential; business climate; pool of talent; smart city development; infrastructure and connectivity; quality of life; local authority support.

“Łódź is the first non-capital city to take the award since its inception in 2019,” says Andrew Wrobel, founder of Emerging Europe and coordinator of the index.

“Along with a strong showing for Cluj-Napoca in Romania, which topped the smart city category, it shows that much of the region’s best practice is in fact happening in secondary cities that often have a more forward-thinking mindset than their capitals, which can sometimes be bogged down by central government bureaucracy.”

As well as topping the overall Business Perception Index, Łódź also came out on top in two of the eight categories: business climate and local authority support.

The Future of Emerging Europe Awards 2021 is the fourth edition of a programme which showcases the best of the emerging Europe region: individuals, public and private organisations as well as projects and initiatives. The 2021 awards ceremony will take place in Brussels in September.


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