Pink tomatoes fueled by eco-lighting

Piotr Kociszewski’s farm, which is part of the VegaPOL Group, has a greenhouse complex of 6 hectares, of which about 2 hectares are equipped with an LED supplementary lighting system with an output of up to 260 µmol/s/sqm. This is the first project of this size with such a powerful supplementary lighting system in a greenhouse for growing pink tomatoes, not only in Poland but in the whole of Central Europe.

VegaPOL-Kociszewski uses an exposure solution with 100% LED exposure, each providing 260 µmol/s/sqm. This high performance allows intensive cultivation of tomatoes during the winter months, despite the lack of natural light. This project follows the global trend of maximizing the amount of light per sqm of cultivated area. The usual light output in greenhouses in this region is around 200 µmol/s/sqm, but in Poland the actual output is often lower.

In Poland, year-round cultivation of tomatoes in a greenhouse is possible only with artificial lighting. In most cases, Son-T lights are used, but they are not very efficient in energy consumption. The alternative is modern horticultural technologies based on LED lighting. These solutions offer up to 50% energy savings compared to Son-T, making them much more environmentally friendly. LED lighting also emits much less heat than Son-T, so the greenhouse does not overheat and the climate inside is optimized. It is the most environmentally friendly way to grow tomatoes year-round currently available.


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