Leaked data processed by two companies cooperating with Tauron

The data of some of Tauron’s customers has leaked – collected and processed by two companies cooperating with the largest energy supplier in Poland. It is about recording telephone conversations with customers about the products and services offered. Tauron ensures that the data on its own servers is safe.

“The possibility of unauthorized access to personal data applies only to those customers with whom these external companies conducted telephone calls regarding the offered products and services” – emphasized Elżbieta Bukowiec, spokeswoman for Tauron Sprzedaż on Saturday.

Tauron has not yet specified the scale of the data leak, explaining that it is currently being verified in detail by the relevant services. The problem concerns unauthorized access to recordings of calls that were conducted with customers by two partner companies of the Group. These conversations were saved on servers of external companies that do not have access to Tauron’s servers and the data contained therein.


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