Lawsuit over “green” coal marketing

A lawsuit has been filed by ClientEarth Lawyers for Earth Foundation – their aim is to stop a coal-distributor from marketing its coal with a “green” label.

The unfair market practices used by the distributor of “eco-pea” has gone to court. The organization accuses the distributor of the so-called greenwashing, i.e. unjustified creation of an ecological image of the product.

As we read in the announcement, the law firm Rö Radwan-Röhrenschef Petruczenko Tokarzewska filed a lawsuit against one of the leading companies on the Polish market selling coal for heating individual households, such as “eco-pea coal”.

The lawsuit calls on the defendant company to abandon the unfair market practice of selling a non-ecological heating coal product under the name with the prefix “eco” and to stop misleading promotional activities that might suggest that burning coal may be environmentally friendly

The organization explains that it deliberately does not disclose the name of the company until the company discloses itself. There is a strategy behind it, not to focus on a specific producer, but on unfair market practices that are used by the entire coal industry – he explains.

In January, the ClientEarth Lawyers for Earth Foundation appealed to coal producers and distributors to stop using the name “eco-pea”. The appeal was also transferred to institutions dealing with combating unfair market practices and protecting consumer rights, including the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.


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