Latest Just Join IT study: IT developers from the East urgently needed!

According to a study by Just Join IT, the most popular job portal for the IT industry, 44% of employers in Poland employ IT specialists from the East, and the willingness to cooperate with our neighbors in the first quarter of 2022 was expressed by as many as 75% of the surveyed companies!

50,000 offers on the market

Although IT specialists are one of the best-paid professional groups in Poland, and their earnings are steadily growing, our country is still struggling with their shortage. Currently, it is estimated that the demand for programmers remains at the level of 50 thousand. vacancies. In other European countries, the number of vacancies is as high as 300,000, and the forecasts in the next 6 years show an increase to a million! The influx of IT specialists from eastern countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) is a great opportunity to fill this gap. At the moment, research has shown that 44% of Polish companies use the potential of specialists from the East, but as many as 75% of employers want to hire our neighbors in the near future.

Senior must higher

The Just Join IT survey shows that Polish companies are most likely to hire programmers in the Mid position (84%). Only 16% of potential employers are interested in juniors from the East. What is worth paying attention to is the desire to increase employment of Seniors – at the moment, 63% of companies cooperate with Eastern programmers in this category, and in the first quarter of next year it is expected to increase to 70%. IT programmers find employment wherever, apart from English, knowledge of the languages ​​of eastern countries is important – especially in the technical support departments or when creating different versions of the languages ​​of games or applications.

JavaScript in the lead

In the surveyed group, the majority of specialists from the East work in JavaScript (45%), Python (32%) and PHP (27.3%), but the predictions based on research on employers’ preferences predict significant changes. JavaScript will rise to 49% and Python and PHP will be replaced by Java (40.5%) and DevOps (32%). The least popular are HTML (2.7%) and Support (2.7%).

Employers’ concerns

The situation in the Polish IT industry is changing dynamically. Our neighbors are starting to claim the title of the global market, which translates into the fact that employees coming from there are becoming more and more attractive to domestic companies. Poland is not only an interesting country to live in, but also has broad prospects for professional development and the opportunity to participate in fascinating projects, giving a lot of room for development. However, formal issues can be an obstacle. The Just Join IT survey shows that 60% of Polish companies believe that employing a foreigner from the East is associated with additional formal difficulties. This can significantly weaken the enthusiasm for reaching for the support of our neighbors.

“That is why we have established a strategic cooperation with the Polish-Ukrainian organization” My Company “, which has been helping Polish companies to hire programmers from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia for 10 years,” says Piotr Nowosielski, CEO of Just Join IT. The company’s mission, from the very beginning, is to reduce the gap in the labor market in the Polish IT segment by helping to find the best programmers.

The launch of the new service is to be a prelude to Just Join IT creating a bridge between East and West for programmers from the CEE region. It also means more candidates interested in working in Poland – adds Nowosielski.

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