Kruk wants to improve efficiency by digitizing operational processes

Kruk automates processes and wants most of them to take place without the participation of an employee in 10-15 years, announced the president of the company, Piotr Krupa

“There is huge potential to improve operations. Today we are in the midst of a revolution and we will show more and more how important a technological change we are undergoing,” said Krupa during a meeting with journalists.

“This process will be lengthy. In order to build an environment in which we accelerate with digitization, we first need to build a foundation in the form of standardized processes,” he added.

As he explained, the robotization of operational processes will free employees from repetitive tasks, release their potential, and at the same time significantly accelerate the implementation of processes.

As an example of the benefits of robotization, the president cited the efficiency of checking land and mortgage registers of indebted persons: a good employee is able to make about 100 such checks during a working day, a robot – 2,880 in the case of paper scans, and in the case of an electronic land and mortgage register – 1,500 per minute.

“Verification of clients in the debt register, a well-trained employee will ask 420 questions [daily], the robot we have implemented does 4,300,” stated Krupa.

“In the decision-making process, we already use machine learning, we do not use artificial intelligence yet” – he added.

As he pointed out, the digitization and robotization of the company is a process that will take many years to come. Expenditures for this purpose will amount to “several tens of millions in a few years”.

“In 5-10 years, most of our operations will run without an employee,” Krupa said.

Kruk is the largest debt management company in Poland. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2011.


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