Kruk has a net profit of over PLN 1 billion in the coming years

Kruk "has an appetite" to generate over PLN 1 billion in profit annually in the coming years, informed President Piotr Krupa.
"Kruk is entering a different business orbit and the results [net profit in hundreds of millions] with a six, seven, maybe even eight ahead should be viewed as a sure base in the coming years," Krupa said during the online conference.

"After 23 years in business, you can accelerate so much, grow so much and break into a slightly different league - from this 200-300 million league to the league - I hope - slightly below a billion, and maybe in the coming years with an appetite to play in the league of those billion-dollar companies that can earn PLN 1 billion plus, ”he added.

Kruk is the largest debt management company in Poland. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2011.

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