Kruk bought debt portfolios in Poland with a nominal value of PLN 860 million

Kruk has concluded agreements to purchase a portfolio of unsecured retail debts and a portfolio of secured and unsecured mortgage debts from Getin Noble Bank, the company said in a statement. The nominal value of purchased receivables amounts to nearly PLN 860 million.

“The fourth quarter is traditionally full of many transactions and good information from the market – this time in Poland we managed to increase our assets both in our core business of unsecured retail receivables, as well as in the mortgage assets that we have been holding and servicing for many years” – he informed in the press release, President Piotr Krupa.

“I know from experience that the end of the year in terms of investment is a very intense period. The operationalization of this transaction will probably take place in 2022, which also promises to be very interesting in terms of transactions,” he added.


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