Kross has introduced eletric cargo bikes for individual and business customers

Kross has introduced electric cargo bikes in a version for business and individual customers, the manufacturer said. Created i.a. with a view to the courier services market or quick delivery of purchases.

“Polish Kross is developing very dynamically. We are constantly looking for new solutions and we are already designing the bikes of the future. We place a strong emphasis on ecological solutions and Kross cargo electric bikes perfectly fit into this trend. The Polish design of the Kross is the first model of this type that is massively available in Central Europe. The interest in Kross electric cargo bikes is huge and we are already fulfilling orders through selected stores and the website "- said vice president Kacper Sosnowski.

Kross electric cargo bikes are also available for business clients as a rental option as part of the Kross Rental service. The company estimates that in 2022 it will lend companies 10 times more bicycles than in the previous year. Among them there will also be e-cargo bikes. The offer includes financing, equipment service and an optional safety package, also stated.

Kross was established in 1990. Its portfolio includes electric, recreational and performance bikes intended for mountain biking, as well as the Le Grand brand, which brings together city bikes. Bicycles are manufactured in a factory located in Przasnysz near Warsaw.

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