Kraków start-up teams up with US nuclear firm to fly to the moon

A Kraków start-up has teamed up with a US nuclear company to carry out an unmanned mission to the moon to extract a rare and valuable isotope of helium thought to be the key to the production of pure nuclear energy.

Solar System Resources Corporation from Kraków, an innovative space mining start-up, intend to extract and bring back 300kg of the rare isotope to Earth by 2028 with the US based Nuclear Corp, a nuclear company which has participated in advanced projects for the American army and government.

Due to the assumption of the isotope’s use in thermonuclear fusion, and its scarcity, the market rate of Helium-3 is currently 16.6 million dollars a tonne. 

Solar System Resources Corporation also declared an intention to work with other companies on the project, including research institutes in Poland.


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