Gaming co. Kool2Play aims to move to WSE main market from NewConnect

Kool2Play hopes to move to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) from NewConnect, announced the president Marcin Marzęcki. The company wants to produce two games a year and have one major premiere.

“NewConnect is a stop for us. Ultimately, we want to be listed on the WSE. We hope that it will take place as soon as possible, but it will be determined by the results generated, ”said Marzęcki during the investor's chat.

The company is currently most focused on the game "Uragun", which is close to the release of early access, but is already preparing two more projects.

“The first is Uragun which is a long term project. This is just the beginning of the road as the game comes out in the early access model. This means that it will not be a full game yet, but a preliminary version, which we will then develop together with the community, listening to their opinions. After a year, we plan to debut the full version of the title, including the console version, and release more add-ons, ”pointed out the publishing director Krzysztof Szulc.

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