Kool2Play gamer places hopes on ‘Uragan’ and the entry into SaaS to boost stock price

The launch of the game “Uragun” in early access mode, planned for March, and the launch this year. SaaS (software as a service) tests in the group should translate into the fact that the result of the Kool2Play Group in 2022 will “very positively” surprise the shareholders, says President Marcin Marzęcki.

“The prospects for the future for the capital group are very promising. First of all, the long-awaited launch of ‘Uraguna’ in early access will take place in March, which will have a positive impact on the revenues of the entire group. Moreover, this year we are starting tests of Kool Things Buffmaker, i.e. SaaS (software as a service), used to automate, process and analyze data of marketing services. The most important events are still ahead of us, therefore we believe that the result of GK Kool2Play in 2022 will surprise our shareholders very positively “- said Marzęcki.

In 2021, the group’s revenues increased – according to unaudited data – by 80% y / y to PLN 4.4 million. Most of them are owned by a subsidiary – Kool Things.


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