Korean KNHP says its nuclear offer will be 30% cheaper than the French one

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) is confident that its offer for the Polish nuclear power program may be at least 30% cheaper than that made by the French EdF, CEO Jae Hoon Chung said.
“I believe our offer will be at least 30% cheaper than France’s,” Chung said in a press briefing.

He explained that in 2018, the KHNP made an offer to build nuclear units in Saudi Arabia, which was about 40% cheaper than the French one. The implementation by the group of the contract in the United Arab Emirates – in his opinion – shows that the offer of this order can be implemented without changing the schedule and budget.

The president also pointed out that the implementation of the project in the European Union should not be a problem.

“The requirements set by the United Arab Emirates were at least the same, if not higher, than those of the EU,” he added.

“We know that the Polish government expects the partner’s investment at a 49% share or financial support of this order. Regardless of the model, we are able to provide a 49% stake in the form chosen, ”said Chung.


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