KGHM does deal to sell mining machinery to Russian mining group

The contract signed by Zanam Vostok concerns the delivery of a total of 12 mining machines for the Russian company.

The company Zanam Vostok – a subsidiary of KGHM Zanam from the KGHM Polska Miedź capital group registered in the Russian Federation – submitted the best offer for the supply of specialized mining machinery for the Russian PAO Gaiski GOK (Ural Mining and Metallurgy Combine), the group said.

“An element of our strategy is the expansion into foreign markets by the companies of the KGHM capital group. Our mining machinery manufacturer KGHM Zanam fits perfectly into these assumptions. The company won a large contract in the German market and was now the best bidder in the Russian market. We will deliver Polish loaders and drilling rigs there, ”said the president of KGHM, Marcin Chludziński.

“In May this year, we announced that we were finalizing business negotiations with a Russian contractor and we are satisfied that the relevant signatures were included in the contracts so quickly, despite the many difficulties in doing business resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. (…) ”- emphasized the president of KGHM Zanam Bernard Cichocki.


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