KGHM reinstates dividends as copper prices soar

The Management Board of KGHM has recommended a payment of PLN 300 million from the profit for 2020 towards dividends. This is the first dividend payout after a break of several years.

The company will allocate less than 17% of the profit generated in 2020 to dividends. The remaining funds will be allocated to the company’s supplementary capital. Therefore, PLN 1.50 per share will be allocated, which at the current share price gives a dividend yield of less than 0.7%.
This year’s dividend from KGHM will be the first since 2017. Previously, the company shared profit regularly every year for 13 years in a row. The last payout was lower than the current one and amounted to only PLN 1 per share, but dividends from previous years were much higher.

The supervisory board has already assessed the management board’s proposal positively. The final decision on the payment will be made by the general meeting.

To participate in a dividend payment, you must have the company’s shares in your account at the end of the trading session on June 17. The dividend will be paid on June 29.


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