KGHM implements furnace optimization project developed by Cu Valley Hackers

KGHM Polska Miedź has started implementing the Data Drivers project – the winners of the Cu Valley Hack hackathon, which is to ensure greater energy efficiency of the flash furnace at Huta Miedzi Głogów, the company said.

“We do not delay with good projects. When we see the potential and a specific business effect, we go to work. We know that the sum of small but good solutions translates into a better result. This is how we build our efficiency and innovation. We organized the Cu Valley Hack hackathon because we are open to new ideas and we are looking for innovation. But the greatest success is that we do not put these ideas on the shelf, but implement and use them in action, ”said the vice president of KGHM for development, Adam Bugajczuk.

During the hackathon, KGHM was looking for, among others, solutions for stabilization of the flash furnace and optimization of the parameters responsible for the regulation of heat losses. The sent concepts were assessed in terms of the greatest production implementation potential and the most innovative approach to solving the problem.

“The team of young Data Drivers analysts and programmers won. Winners presented a plan with an accurate loss-producing model and an easy-to-implement optimization algorithm. The project consists of three parts: source data processing scripts, a model of total losses of a flash furnace and a flash furnace stabilizer as well as simulation and visualization of its operation ”- we read further.


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