Kety announces strong results in Investor Conference Call

Results announced by Dariusz Manko, Chairman of the Board. Individual segments presented by Board member Rafal Lechowicz, responsible for the Extruded Products segment.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome during this vacation time. Well, we have to work so we can understand each other perfectly well. Let me start our presentation with a general information what is happening in our company, what has happened during the second quarter. As you can see, this is 24th probably quarter in a row where our revenues are growing. I don’t know what future holds for us. But well, after we are — we had 24 quarters with growing revenues and that wasn’t in our dream before, and that was mainly due to the export 8% growth of sales in Poland. This is a good result as well, and we are very happy to see that and share it with you during our meetings over 47% of our sales is exported. So it is very important for us because export gives us the opportunity to reach a huge market, definitely bigger than just the domestic market, Polish market.

What else is worth mentioning today about the second quarter? Well, the growth of EBITDA, of course. So despite the cost that was connected with media, with payments such as energy costs or salary pressure. So we can safely say that we were able do it and to cope with it, and our EBITDA increased by 7% year-on-year whereas the last year was a perfect year for us because we had a lot of orders. So we were able to actually select those orders that we liked to do. Well, another issue is the cash flow and PLN 30 million — PLN 130 million in operating inflow. Well, this is a great result, and I believe our shareholders are very happy to see it. Well, the third quarter, what can we tell about the third quarter? Well, we are talking about stability, but we are a little bit afraid of the slowdown that is noticeable already, especially on the German market from our perspective. This relates mostly to the automotive industry. Well, luckily this only — (inaudible) part of our sales. This is just worth one of the industries. We also sell for, for instance, construction industry, and this industry is doing quite well. We are quite brave, quite courageous in writing that we are expecting a good stable third quarter.

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