Katowice in the top five in terms of investment attractiveness

According to the report “The modern business services sector in Katowice”, the city of Katowice and GZM is one of the five most important centers in Poland, where the modern business services sector is dynamically developing, accounting for 3.0 – 3.5% of Poland’s GDP. Over the last 4 years, an increase in employment in service centers in Katowice and GZM has been observed at the level of almost 70%. The main category of services provided in these centers are IT services. Experts’ forecasts predict that the sector in Katowice will continue to develop dynamically.

27 thousand employees in service centers
According to the report, 27,000 people are employed in service centers in Katowice and GZM. Forecasts of trends in the labor market and the relatively high resistance of the industry to the shock of the pandemic indicate that by the end of 2021 the number of people working in the sector in the analyzed area will exceed 28,500 employees.

In the objective ranking, Katowice and GZM rank high in terms of: availability of the talent pool, accessibility to road and rail transport, accessibility to airports and cooperation with local universities and, consequently, in terms of the overall assessment of the place of business. The information obtained on the basis of the ABSL survey conducted in November 2020 shows that under contracts signed between service centers and local universities, the cooperation concerns: internships for students, support for the recruitment process of students and graduates, development of competences useful from the point of view of the centers’ needs and the shape of educational programs.

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