Karstensens expands its Polish hull manufacturing capacity

Danish shipbuilder Karstensens Skibsvaerft has announced it is expanding its Polish manufacturing capabilities through investment in a Polish hull production unit.

Furthermore, Karstensens has purchased additional production facilities from Vistal Offshore in Gdynia in order to further expand its ship hull manufacturing capacity.

According to the firm: “As a natural consequence of the desire and ambition to maintain its position as the leading total supplier of larger fishing vessels, Karstensen has now realised a large part of the vision by establishing ‘Karstensen Shipyard Poland’.”

The Danish firm already has a small number of staff in Poland, including ten ship engineers and inspectors. The firm adds that:  “The Polish team can look forward to getting around 200 new colleagues, and less transport time to external yards. The plan is to start production immediately after the acquisition in July.”

The first hull to be produced at Karstensen Shipyard Poland will be for the Lunar Bow, which will be equipped in Skagen, Denmark from summer 2019, and delivered to Scottish Lunar Fishing in January 2020.

The firm believes its investment in Poland will “significantly increase production” in Skagen too, with higher quality and regular deliveries. “With 13 ships on order for delivery within the next two years, it is crucial to have control over these two key parameters.”


Source: industryeurope.com

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