Karolina Zygmantaitė appointed CFO of Maxima Grupė

Maxima Grupė UAB is a group of retail chain companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria. It is the largest Lithuanian capital company and the largest employer in the Baltic states, with more than 1200 stores.

Karolina Zygmantaitė is replacing Vitalij Rakovski as Chief Financial Officer of Maxima Grupė. Vitalij Rakovski is also recalled from the board of Maxima Grupė. The following Board members elected on October 14, 2020 will continue working at the Board of Maxima Grupė: Jolanta Bivainytė, Mantas Kuncaitis, Tomas Rupšys, Petar Petrov Pavlov, Edvinas Volkas and Arūnas Zimnickas.

“I would like to thank Vitalij Rakovski for his contribution to the rapid growth of Maxima Grupė and securing new sources of financing. I am glad that Karolina Zygmantaitė joins our finance team. Her energy and broad view will contribute to the further sustainable development of the group,” says Mantas Kuncaitis, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Maxima Grupė.

“I am very happy to join the finance team of Maxima Grupė. I am inspired by companies that are not afraid to change, therefore I take on this responsibility with new energy,” says Karolina Zygmantaitė, the new CFO of Maxima Grupė.


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