Kanabo Group in cannabis deal with PharmaCann Polska

Kanabo Group Plc, has announced its second key agreement following its hugely successful IPO two weeks ago, with PharmaCann Polska. Under the agreement, PharmaCann and Kanabo will establish a customized production line for Kanabo’s VapePods cartridges. The initial production capability will be approximately 36,000 cartridges a month with the ability to increase production later in the year.

PharmaCann Polska based in Warsaw, and is a part of the PHCANN International Group, has a fully licensed compound comprises both an indoor cultivation facility and an EU-GMP standard extraction facility for production of products based on cannabinoids. According to the agreement, PharmaCann Polska and Kanabo will establish a dedicated production line for the VapePod’s medicinal formulas that will use Kanabo’s filling equipment and production protocols. PharmaCann Polska will supply raw materials from one of PharmaCann’s International group facilities with an initial capacity manufacturing of Kanabo’s production line at 36,000 units per purchase month with the ability to further increase production when necessary.


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